Chuck Ribs

Sirlon Cap

Chicken Heart's

Mineiros Bar & Steak House was founded by Felipe Fonseca and Christiane Machado.   Being from Brazil and wanting to bring the food from home available to everyone in the neighborhood.  Mineiros Bar & Steak House bring Brazil to Rockland, come in have a appetizer with a beverage, watch TV or chat with the locals.  This family restaurant is a great place for birthday and special occasion parties.

Mineiros Bar and Steak House

Bonelles Pork

Top Butt

Our Specialties

Chicken Sausage

Buffet Table:

More than 10 varieties changed daily



Food for parties witha good price and a great quality

Our Grill


Come experience the

house home-made desserts.

Chicken Wings

Our Team

Full Bar:

With various cocktails and cold beer

waiting for you.

Pinepple with Cinnamon

Ck Tighs w/ Bacon

Beef with Garlic

Pork Sausage


Hang Tender

Salad Bar:

A large buffet with lots variety to better

serve you.

Chicken with Bacon